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Meet Dr. Marjan Yazdian

Meet Dr. Marjan Yazdian


Dr Marjan Yazdian (MED0002272927) Registered Medical Practitioner, General Registration.

Dr Marjan Yazdian graduated from medical school in 2011 and is a qualified Australian General Practitioner with demonstrable interest and expertise in cosmetic procedures and emergency medicine. Marjan is a fellow of the Royal Australian Collage of General Practitioners and is currently working at IPN medical centres (Sonic Health Group) Sandhurst clinic and Neal st medical Center in Gisborne.

Marjan has adapted and enhanced her clinical skills in cosmetic, plastic, and reconstructive surgery by assisting experienced plastic surgeons over the last 10 years which has enhanced her expertise in performing cosmetic procedures.

She has published her thesis on the impact of abdominoplasty on wellbeing and self-esteem while other areas of interest in plastic and cosmetic research, clinical trials and innovations include:

  • The impact of breast reduction on wellbeing and self-esteem
  • Fat transfer with stem cells
  • · Fat collection and separation devices

Marjan is very passionate about making a real difference in the lives of her patients. To this end, she has worked hard to improve her theoretical knowledge and clinical skills. As a passionate lifelong learner with a commitment to continuing self-education and development, she has been regularly attending local, national, and international conferences and workshops to stay up to date with the latest innovations in medicine and in cosmetic procedures.

Throughout her career, she has displayed personal drive, self-motivation, flexibility, strong work ethic and high moral standards. She is an approachable and compassionate physician whose utmost priority is delivery of a safe and individualised outcome for her patients.

Areas of Interest:

  • Skin cancer
  • Moles and other benign skin lesions
  • Scar revision

Cosmetic procedures

  • Anti-wrinkle treatments
  • Filler injection / non-surgical rhinoplasty / face countering
  • Fat resolving, non-invasive fat reduction treatment
  • PRP injections / hair and face mesotherapy

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    Meet Dr. Marjan Yazdian