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Bunny Lines Treatment - Melbourne


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What Are Bunny Lines

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Bunny lines may become less noticeable with targeted treatments aimed at the muscles and skin around the nasal area. While anti-wrinkle treatments can significantly reduce the appearance of these nasal scrunch lines, factors such as ageing and continuous muscle movement may influence their long-term visibility.

Bunny lines, or the expression lines that form along the sides of the nose, can start to appear at varying ages, largely dependent on individual skin elasticity and facial muscle usage. As the skin matures and loses its suppleness, these lines may become more pronounced, prompting individuals to consider anti-wrinkle treatments.

The timeline for seeing visible improvements from treatments targeting bunny lines can vary. Most individuals begin to notice a softening of nasal scrunch lines and a smoother appearance in the treated area within a few days to weeks post-treatment, as the muscle relaxant wears off and the lines form less readily with facial expressions.

Yes, treatments that effectively address bunny lines can also be applied to other areas where expression lines form, such as around the eyes and forehead. Anti-wrinkle treatments are versatile and can be tailored to target various facial muscles, reducing dynamic lines and rejuvenating your appearance.

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