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Thermage - Melbourne


Smooth, Tighten and Contour Your Skin With Thermage in Melbourne

What is Thermage?

thermage flx melbourne

Which Common Skin Concerns Can Be Treated with Thermage FLX?

thermage flx melbourne

What are the Benefits of Thermage?

Am I a Good Candidate for Thermage?

How is Thermage FLX in Melbourne Carried out at EST Clinic?

Possible Risks or Side Effects of Thermage

How Much Does Thermage Cost in Melbourne?

thermage flx melbourne

Wondering if Thermage FLX is Right For You?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Thermage FLX treatment has a well-established safety profile. Being a non-invasive treatment, it requires no downtime, marking it as a safer alternative to surgical skin tightening treatments. The cooling sensation provided during the treatment enhances the comfort and safety of the procedure.

The effectiveness of Thermage FLX often means that just one treatment is sufficient to achieve desirable results. However, the exact number of treatments needed may vary depending on the individual’s skin condition and the results they wish to achieve.

Thermage FLX utilises cutting-edge radiofrequency technology to heat the existing collagen in the skin, promoting the natural renewal process and stimulating new collagen production. This technology is central to how Thermage FLX can deliver remarkable results in skin tightening and contouring.

Thermage utilises radiofrequency to heat the skin and stimulate collagen production, resulting in tighter skin. Ultherapy employs microfocused ultrasound to also stimulate collagen, but it can reach deeper skin layers, offering more targeted lifting, especially on the face and neck. Each has unique benefits for skin tightening and lifting, depending on the individual’s needs.

Yes, Thermage FLX can be combined with other aesthetic treatments to further maintain superior skin health and improve skin quality. Combining treatments can often expedite and enhance the results, leading to more pronounced improvements in skin texture and firmness.

The results from Thermage FLX can last several years, although individual results may vary. Maintaining a regular skincare regimen can help prolong the effects of the treatment, ensuring a lasting improvement in skin texture and firmness.

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