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What is it?

A gold standard non-surgical lifting and tightening procedure that non-invasively stimulate collagen production, resulting in skin tightening and lifting for the face, neck and body.

This visualisation is unique to Ultherapy® and ensures energy is delivered where it will be most beneficial. Real- time imaging allows clinicians to control exactly where energy will be deposited, and to avoid structures such as bone and blood vessels. This enables precise and consistent treatment delivery to targeted tissue layers to ensure optimal treatments.

What is it?

Treatment with soft tissue fillers helps to improve areas of volume loss and help to support structures affected by ageing changes of the face. Dermal fillers used by EST Clinic are TGA approved, natural derivative of substances found normally in the body and are non-permanent.


How does it work?

Ultherapy® deposits focused ultrasound energy deep beneath the skin at the optimal temperature for collagen regeneration. The treatment jumpstarts a natural process, neocollagenesis, to produce fresh, new collagen to help the effects of time and gravity on your skin. Ultherapy relies on your body’s own collagen-building process for natural, noticeable results.

Unlike lasers and radio-frequency which penetrate the skin from the outside-in, Ultherapy® works from the inside-out, to lift and tighten skin non-invasively. Ultherapy® bypasses the surface of the skin, delivering focuses ultrasound energy at depths of up to 4.5mm, which is the same foundational layer typically addressed in a surgical facelift.

How does it work?

Our expert doctors and registered nurses inject a stabilised version of this substance under the skin to add volume, correct deficiencies and wrinkles or add hydration. When injected under the skin, dermal fillers attract water and over the next few days may swell slightly. This produces a re-volumising and lifting effect. Over time, dermal filler is broken down naturally by the body.

Expectation of Results

Ultherapy®’s visualisation allows safe and effective treatment by avoiding bone and blood vessels.

Because everyone is unique, clinicians can design and individual treatment plan targeting different depths of the skin, depending on each person’s skin anatomy. Factors, including different fat layer thickness between different patients, will result in using a different transducer for different depths.

100+ patents| 50+ clinical studies | 90+ published peer-reviewed papers | 6000+ systems sold globally


Expectation of Results

Dermal fillers treatment needs a qualified and skilled medical practitioner. They are a safe, temporary and versatile treatment for the improvement of many different areas and skin concerns. Dermal fillers can be used to:

  • Enhance lip size and shape
  • Sculpt cheeks and nose
  • Enhance the chin and profile
  • Correct deeper lines such as the nasolabial folds and marionettes lines
  • Restore volume to the temples, brow and forehead giving the upper face and eye area a lift
  • Give or restore volume under the eyes in the tear trough area helping to improve the appearance of dark circles, fine lines, volume loss and wrinkles.


What is the difference between Ultherapy and a facelift?

A facelift is a surgical procedure. Ultherapy, on the other hand, is a TGA-registered non-invasive procedure to lift skin on the neck, under the chin and on the brow. Specifically, it
  • · Lifts and tightens the skin non-invasively
  • · Stimulates the production of new collagen
  • · Reveals noticeable results with no downtime

While Ultherapy does not duplicate the effects of cosmetic surgery, it is an alternative for patients not ready for surgery or for those who want to continue building new collagen after a surgical lift.
Am I suitable for Ultherapy treatment?

The ideal candidate for a face and neck treatment has mild to moderate skin laxity. Individual results will also vary based on:
  • · Skin laxity (excess or loose skin)
  • · Volume (amount and distribution of fat)
  • · Quality (wrinkles or sun damage)
  • · Age, health and lifestyle
What can I expect following an Ultherapy Treatment?

Ultherapy works by repairing and strengthening tissue from the inside out – a process that takes place gradually over time with the creation of new collagen. While individual responses will vary, the following experiences have been reported by patients.

1 week after treatment
· Minor swelling
· Slight tenderness to the touch
· Tingling
· Occasional minor bruising

3 months after treatment · Improvement in the appearance of lines and wrinkles
· Smoother texture
· More even skin tone

6 months after treatment
· Continued improvement in the appearance of lines and
wrinkles · Smoother texture
· More even skin tone
· Periodic touch-up treatments may help to offset the skin’s natural ageing process, as well as continued side-sleeping and sun exposure.

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Book A Consultation

Schedule a consultation with one of our professional team to discover your confidence in looking your best.