Double Chin Reduction

What is double chin reduction?

Double chin reduction is an aesthetic procedure that utilises a safe injectable treatment to reduce submental fullness (more commonly known as a “double chin”). The procedure is completely non-invasive - redefining the jawline with no surgery or incision required - and is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of the double chin.

How does double chin reduction work?

The injectable works by destroying the cell membranes of the fat cells that cause the double chin. The glycerol and fatty acids contained within the cell are then released into the surrounding subcutaneous space before being naturally absorbed by and eliminated from the body.

Typically, a double chin reduction procedure at Eastern Plastic Surgery will be between 30-45 minutes long. A minimum of two treatments will be required, while some patients may require up to four sessions.

What is the difference between double chin reduction and liposuction?

Liposuction is a surgical procedure requiring incision and sutures, while double chin reduction is more suitable for those who wish to treat the double chin subtly and non-invasively. The treatment destroys the fat cells in the double chin area, as opposed to liposuction in which the fat is actually aspirated out and removed.